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Heavy Duty Cleaning Solvent RX1401-16


Cleaning Solvent 16 oz. Aerosol


Heavy Duty Cleaning Solvent.

141b Alternative.

Fast removal of grease, oils and oxidation.
Leaves no residue.
Improved formulation.


For Electronic/Electrical Industrial Use Only.

Use On:
Electronics metal degreasing.
Cleaning electromechanical assemblies and parts.
Degreasing motors, pumps, and generator parts.
Removing oxidation from relays, solenoids and circuit breakers.
Rework of electrical and electronic equipment/parts.

RX1401 is a strong cleaning and degreasing agent. It is effective in removing
contaminants from a broad range of equipment and parts. Leaves no residue.

ECG Electronics

Availability: 2-3 days.

16 oz. Aerosol

Part No. RX1401-16


Authorized NTE Distributor