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We carry the complete line of NTE Capacitors.

Aluminum Electrolytic

  • Subminiature, 6.3V to 100V (NEV, NEH Series)
  • Subminiature, HV, 160V to 450V (NEVH, NEHH Series)
  • Non-Polarized (NPR, NPA Series)
  • High Freq for Horizontal Deflection (HD Series)
  • High Temperature, 105°C (VHT Series) NEW TYPES ADDED!
  • Snap-in (SI Series)
  • Snap-in, High Temperature, 105°C (SIT Series)

Solid Tantalum

  • Resin Dipped Radial (TD Series)
  • Surface Mount (SCT Series)

Ceramic Disc

  • 50V (89000 Series)
  • 1000V (90000 Series)

Multilayer (Monolithic) Ceramic

  • 50V & 100V (CML Series)
  • Surface Mount 50V (SMC Series)

Mylar/Polyester Film

  • MLR Series

Motor Run

  • MRC Series
  • MRRC Series, Dual CapacitanceNEW SERIES!
  • Mounting Hardware

Motor Start

  • MSC Series
  • Mounting Hardware

Ceiling Fan

  • CFC Series

Pre-Packaged Kit

  • Capacitor Kit

Please call us with all your capacitor requirements.



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