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10.2-60pf Trimmer Cap 87-660


Brown 10.2 – 60pf Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor


10.2 – 60pf Trimmer Capacitor

Ceramic trimmer capacitors are used in all types of analog and digital
electronic equipment. Typical uses may include setting time-out function,
changing frequency, adjusting voltage and adjusting switching delay.
We offer Vertical mount (screw on top of capacitor) which is encapaculated
and color coded for easy identification.


Working Voltage: 50V DC
Maximum Voltage: 110V DC
Insulation Resistance: 100 Ohms @ 50V DC
Operating Temperature: -30oC – +85oC
Q Factor: >500

Linear capacitance change excellent moisture-proof characteristics.

Capacitance (pf)  Min. 10.2  Max. 60

Temp. Coeff. – N1200

Color – Brown

3pc per pack

Availability: 5 days

Part No. 87-660