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Electronics Degreaser & Wash RX201-16


Degreaser & Wash 16 oz. Aerosol


Electronics Degreaser & Wash

141b Alternative

Cleans electronic parts quickly and safely
Universal cleaner
Non aggressive
Improved formulations


For Electronic/Electrical Use Only

Quickly removes grease, oils, dirt, oxidation, ionics and
other contaminants from:

Electrical and electronic equipment
Electromechanical assemblies
Medical equipment
Magnetic tape heads
Potentiometers, rheostats
Telecommunication equipment
PC boards, modules, components
Office equipment
Relays, solenoids, circuit breakers
Connectors, contacts, switches

RX201 is a blend of advanced solvents which quickly and safely removes dirt, grease, particulates and other
contaminants from electronic/electrical parts and equipment.

Availability: 2-3 days.

16 oz. Aerosol.

Part No. RX201-16


Authorized NTE Distributor