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Electronics Contact Cleaner w/ Lube RX500-12


Contact Cleaner 12 oz. Aerosol


Electronics Contact Cleaner with Lube.

Protects against corrosion
Stops corrosion


For Electronic/Electrical Use Only.

Quickly removes grease, oils, solder oils, fluxes, oxidation, dirt, and
other contaminants. CFC and HCFC Free.

Use on:
Standard and precious metal contacts
Motors, controls, starters
Distribution panels
Poteniometers, rheostats
Electromechanical assemblies
Relay, solenoids, circuit breakers

RX500 is a fast acting cleaner with lube for use on electronic/electrical
contacts and controls. It reduces arcing and noise caused by oxidation and
other contaminants (which prevents good electrical continuity) and protects
against further corrosion. This product is not recommended for acrylic, polystyrene
orpolycarbonate materials. Always test in an inconspicuous area before use.

Availability: 2-3 days.

10 oz. Aerosol

Part No. RX500-12