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Computer Glass & Enclosure Cleaner RX1800-18


Glass & Enclosure Cleaner 18 oz Aerosol.


Computer Glass & Enclosure Cleaner.

CFC and HCFC free.
Antistatic enclosure and glass cleaner.
Improved formulation.
Strong foaming action.
Removes film and nicotine.


For Industrial and General Use
Office Equipment
Copiers/Fax machines
Point of sale terminals
Bar code readers

RX1800 effectively cleans, polishes, and provides antistatic protection for computer terminal CRT display screens
and other glass and plastic surfaces. Nonstaining, nonstreaking, and fast drying.
Excellent for cleaning scopes, dials, and other read-out faces.
Do not use on plastic coated or nylon mesh antiglare screens.
Safe for use on most materials and surfaces not harmed by water. Safe on most plastics.

ECG Electronics

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18 oz. Aerosol

Part No. RX1800-18


Authorized NTE Distributor