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Datak 40 Second Message Recorder Kit 80-146


Message recorder with looping option.


Datak 40 Second Message Recorder Kit 80-146

This circuit uses an information Storage Devices Corp. No. ISD2540 chip to store one or more audio/voice messages up to 40 seconds (maximum time).

If desired, the first message can be looped so that it plays repeatedly.

Non-volatile; the message(s) is retained even when the power is removed.

Output is to a user-supplied four or eight ohm speaker.

The output is small, you may wish to add an LM386 amplifier kit (No. 80-170) or another amp to increase the volume for your application.

The same circuit could be used with any of the ISD25xx chips in the series up to 120 seconds record time.

Operates on 6 volts at 100ma maximum.

This kit requires soldering.

Kit includes all components, PC board, and schematic.

Delivery is 5-7 days.

Order No. 80-146


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