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Datak PLL Controlled FM Stereo Transmitter Kit 80-057

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PLL controlled with latest technology.


Datak PLL Controlled FM Stereo Transmitter Kit 80-057

This kit offers the builder the finest top of the line stereo transmitter with the latest technology.

A two board FM stereo transmitter kit with the best possible features that our designers could think of.

In addition to a very clean, accurate stereo reproduction, the PLL tuning provides stability that is simply not available in most transmitters.

Unit has an LCD display with an E-EPROM memory to retain frequency even if powered down.

Listen on your Walkman, or any stereo FM radio in your home or car.

The top board is the controller, with the keypad switches and LCD readout.

The bottom board is the transmitter, employing an NJM2035 for the stereo generator, buffered tuning from the PLL for a quiet performance and an RF amp stage on the output.

The circuit can be tuned in 5K steps, for fine tuning.

You will also want to use a very “clean” power supply for this circuit; batteries (12V dc, at least 75mA) are a perfect source of power.

Or a well filtered power supply to be sure to eliminate power line hum.

This circuit can be broadcast any line-level input, such as a computer sound card, CD player, tape player, etc. far enough to provide excellent reception around an average house and yard.

Instructions for a low cost FM antenna are included.

The top board size is 5 1/2″ long and 3.3″ inches wide; the finished unit fits neatly into a Philmore No. PB170 plastic case (not included, sold separately).

The unit will function on low voltages as low as 9 volts and as high as 14.9 volts; at the suggested 12V dc the unit needs up to 75mA supply.

While assembly is easy and straight forward, we suggest the kit only for builders with some experience in kit building.

Kit contains all components, screened PC boards, and schematic.

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