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Datak Voice Changer Kit 80-105


A popular kit that can change your voice to various tones.


Datak Voice Changer Kit 80-105

A very popular kit that can change your voice to various tones.

This kit lets your voice be changed to add a vibrato, like those used to disguise secret witnesses.

It also allows you to change the tone of your voice upward or downward, women sound like men and vice versa.

This kit also includes a robotic voice as well.

This circuit is designed around a 16 pin dip package intergrated circuit part number WIN8072.

This IC provides the two special tone effects, vibrato and robot.

A series of five push button switches controls the various tones.

The other IC in the circuit is a LM386 AF power output of 1W to a 8 Ohm speaker.

Kit includes a description of component marking codes for resistors, capacitors, and Metric unit conversions.

A 9V battery is needed to power the circuit.

PC board size is about 2″ x 3″ inches. T

A cool electronic projects to build.

Kit includes over 25 components, schematic, and screened PC board.

Availability: 4-5 days

Order No. 80-105

A Very Popular Kit!



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