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Datak Mini VOX-Relay Kit 80-126


Useful voice activated circuit.


Datak Mini VOX-Relay Kit 80-126

For the uninitiated, VOX stands for Voice Activated Switch. This is a switch (relay) that may be activated with any sound, including the human voice.

A very sensitive circuit that may be adjustable to react to very low volume sounds or a yell or hand clap.

While a VOX is often used to activate a sound recorder, it may be used to trigger an alarm, activate a video camera, or simply turn on a light.

The mike easily picks up vibrations in windows, wall or door.

The relay will release after a few seconds of silence, holding as long as sound continues.

The hold time may be changed up to 30 seconds.

This kit operates on 12V DC with a very low current.

Kit includes all components, screened PC board, and schematic.

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