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Philmore Suction Cup Phone Amplifier Kit 80-550


Great school project idea


Philmore Suction Cup Phone Amplifier Kit 80-550

A very cool kit for the science fair at your school.

A very convenient way for others in the room to listen to both sides of a phone conversation.

A specially designed magnetic pickup with a suction cup attaches onto the earpiece of your phone at one end and into the amplifier at the other.

The amplifier in this has been designed for this use.

The design is low cost and there is no direct electrical connection to the phone system.

This kit can also be used to trace main wiring behind walls.

Kit contains 28 components, schematic, and screened PC board.

Batteries not included.

This kit has been discontinued.

Limited stock available.

We have 1 kit left in stock.

Order No# 80-550


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