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Elenco Variable Voltage Power Supply Kit XP-15K


Variable voltage from 1.25 to 15V includes case.


This Elenco power supply kit features an output voltage variable from 1.25 to 15V at .5 ampere maxiumum current.

The voltage is regulated to within .1V when going from zero to full load. Varying the input AC voltage from 110 to 130V will have no effect on the output voltage. This is because of the specially designed IC circuit used in this kit.

Severe overloading or even short circuiting the output will not damage the supply. Special turn off circuits in the IC sense the overload and turn off the circuit. A great compact kit for your low current requirements. Kit includes a 9 page instruction manual and schematic diagram. Kit is assembled in a black enclosure case 3 3/4" x 6 1/4" inches. This circuit requires soldering and assembly. Kit contains over 15 components, solder, case and manual.

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