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Philmore 78XX Regulated Power Supply Kit 80-600


Regulated supply for voltages from 5V to 24V


Philmore 78XX Regulated Power Supply Kit 80-600

This circuit can be made into a regulated power supply for voltages from five volts up to twenty-four volts.

The user must add any of the standard 78xx TO-220 positive voltage regulators (7805 or 7806, etc…thru 7824) and the voltage will equal whichever you select.

The last two digits of the number indicates voltage; 7805=five volts, etc.

Input AC or DC (unregulated) about three volts greater than desired output voltage; complete instructions included.

The 7800 series outputs up to 1 ampere typically.

LED indicator and on board on/off switch is included.

You can use this with a AC or DC power supply or with your own transformer.

A very handy kit for the builder.

Basic soldering is required.

Kit includes all components, screened PC board, and schematic.

This kit has small parts and requires assembly.


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