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Elenco Power Supply Kit XP-720K


Elenco Power Supply, Very Popular!


This kit features three solid state DC power supplies and a 12.6VAC center tapped output.

Specs: 1.25-15V @ 1A, -1.25 to -15V @ 1A, or (3-30V @ 1A) and 5V @ 3A. It also has 6.3VAC and 12.6VAC center tapped @ 1A. It features short circuit protection on all supplies. All dc supplies are fully regulated. A special IC keeps the output voltage within .2V when going from no load to 1 ampere.

This supply is ideal for use in school labs, service shops or anywhere a precise dc voltage is required. This is an excellent kit for supplying your amateur radio QRP power requirements. Kit includes a 16 page assembly manual and schematic diagram. Kit is assembed into an attractive enclosure case 5 3/4" x 8 1/4". A very nice looking kit when complete. Kit contains over 44 components, solder, case and manual.

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