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Datak LED Dice with Slowdown 80-030


Rolling dice with LED’s.


Datak LED Dice with Slowdown 80-030

This kit uses 7 light emitting diodes (LED’s) to simulate the rolling of a dice after the button is pushed.

It has a slowdown feature so you can see the “rolling” of the dice slowing down and then stop.

This is much nicer seeing than the usual LED dice circuit which just stops after the button is released.

This circuit is built around the 555 IC connected as an oscillator and a MC14017B IC decade counter.

Kit includes a circuit description and general information regarding the decade counter.

The kit is assembled on a black case which is included.

Board size is about 2″ x 3″ inches.
Soldering is required for this kit.

The circuit is powered by a 9 volt battery not included.
Kit contains over 30 components, case, screened PC board, and schematic.

This kit can ship in 4 days.

Order No. 80-030

This Is A Fun & Easy Kit To Build!


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