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Blue Lighted Continuous Piezo Sounder


High Intensity w/ 8 LEDs


Blue Lighted Continuous Piezo Sounder

Blue LED Sounder

Loud sounders combined with bright LEDs light when activated.

Wide operating voltage in the 3-15VDC range.

Continuous tone


  • High intensity with 8 LEDs
  • Sound frequency 3.5+/-.5KHz
  • Operating voltage 3-15VDC
  • Rated voltage 12VDC
  • Current draw 18mA @ 12VDC
  • Sound pressure up to 95dB at 1 FT
  • Operating temperature -20C to +70C
  • Housing ABS meets UL94HB
  • Terminal .187″, brass tin plated
  • Mounting hole 1.25″

Color: Blue

Availability: 3-4 days

Part No. 44-1212



Authorized Philmore Distributor