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Datak Light Alarm Kit 80-080


Light trigger alarm


Datak Light Alarm Kit 80-080

This circuit detects the slightest amount of light which triggers a small piezo alarm.

The PC board is small enough to hide in cash draws or anywhere you want to keep secure.

This kit will detect very low levels of light and uses a Darlington photo transistor MEL12.

This type of photo transistor is ten times more sensitive than a normal photo transistor.

The circuit uses a 14011 dip IC NAND gate.

This kit offers a good introduction to several electronic building blocks especially NAND gate operation and how to get a piezo to sound loudly by using a choke coil.

A good instruction page containing detailed circuit operation is included.

A 9V battery is required.

Board size is about 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ inches.

Kit contains 19 components, schematic, and screened PC board.

Philmore Datak

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