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Elenco Motion Detector Intrusion Alarm Kit AK-510


A fun burglar alarm for kids!


Elenco Motion Detector Intrusion Alarm Kit AK-510

This easy to build kit teaches the basics of motion detector technology.

This kit senses motion and will sound an alarm when anyone walks near the unit. Kit is housed in a compact case and is portable. Use as a burglar alarm, message minder or entry detector. The circuit is built around a pyroelectric infrared detector part number LHI-954.

This kit includes an extensive eighteen page instruction manual which covers power supplies, infrared detectors, OP Amps, and filters.

Clearly written and completely illustrated instructions.

This kit requires soldering.

Recommended for ages 10 and up. A 9V battery is required, not included.

Kit contains 35 components, solder, case, and screened PC board.

Elenco Electronics Inc

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