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Window Door Alarm Philmore SH1010


Intruder Protection or Door Annunciator


Window Door Alarm Philmore SH1010

Nearly half of the criminal intruders will enter via a window, often after jimmying the latch if necessary.

The SH1010 will cut lose with a 100dB (LOUD) alarm that will awaken the soundest sleeper.

The unit can also be switched to the annunciator position for a pleasant “ding-dong” sound when used as a door alert to announce store customers.

Switch on the side on unit sets Alarm, Off or Chime.

A two piece unit, mount them side by side (adhesive tape on back) with one part on the window or door.

The other on the window frame or door jamb.

When the opening door or window separates the two parts two inches or more, the sounder circuit is activated.

Very efficient solid state operation for long life (3X LR44 battery cells included).

When sound weakens, it’s time to replace the batteries.

Installs in about two minutes.

For indoor use only, not meant for outdoor conditions.

Availability: 3-4 days.

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