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Infra-Red Sensor Alarm Philmore PV68A


Use as a Annunciator or Alarm


Personal Infra-Red Sensor Annunciator or Alarm

Combo PIR

User selectable Alarm sound to detect and announce any human intruder moving into an area.

Also allows a pleasant chime sound to announce a customer entering a store.

The unit can be placed anywhere (indoors only) as it operates powered by internal batteries (3X AAA).

A mounting hole on the back is provided for hanging on a nail head.

Long battery life, replace batteries when sound weakens.

Detection range is up to 16 feet distance when an intruder passes in front of the detection dome located on front of unit.

Intended for indoor use only, not weather proof.

Compact size: 2.2″ square and only 1.4″ deep.

Availability: 3-4 days

Order No. PV68A


Authorized Philmore Distributor