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TP-107-02-1-S Test Point 1,000pc Reels


Popular TP-107 series Now Available in Silver-Plate. 1,000pc per tape and reel.


Components Corporation announced its surface mounted TP-107 Series of printed circuit board Test Points are now available in silver-plate.

The TP-107 and TP-108 Series of loop profile, surface mount, test points are available with .0001″ minimum silver over .00005″ minimum copper for specific applications. The product is manufactured using Components Corporation’s proprietary technology, assuring the highest possible performance.

This replacement for other manufacturers test point products is offered with a .0001″ min. Silver over .00005″ Min. Copper plate. Formed using the company’s proprietary technology, the loop configuration of the TP-Series of PCB test points holds probes fast.

All of Components Corporation’s line of surface mount test points are field-proven, with applications ranging from consumer electronics to medical and aerospace technology. Manufactured to ensure the highest standards in performance, products may be specified for use in a wide range of mission-critical applications, all abiding by the current RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC as well as REACH Regulations EC1907/2006.

1,000 per reel.

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