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TP-107-02-1-T Test Point 1,000pc Reel


Surface mount test point. 1,000pc per tape and reel.


Part Number: TP-107-02-1-T


Contact Material: .015 x .040 phosphor bronze #510 alloy, 1/2 hard.
Finish: .0001 Matte tin over .0001 Nicle.
Tape Material: 12mm wide; pitch: 4mm;
Conductive polycarbonate: carrier meets ANSI/EIA-481 standard.
Reel Size: 7″ dia. – 1000/reel.


Now the fabricators of SMT printed wiring boards may take advantage of the convenience of field testing with the unique loop design of Components Corporation’s TP-107 series of surface mounted, printed circuit test points. The profile of the TP-107 readily accepts most commercially available spring clips and probes while providing a positive and secure anchor to the SMT board. Since a test point is subjected to mechanical stress, the strength of its bonding, particularly on a surface mount design, is crucial.

The TP-107 achieves this through a unique forming process which doubles the surface area of the test points mounting. This is accomplished by forming the flat wire design in a spiral wrap on the mounting base resulting in an adhesion to the solder pad which requires in excess of 18 pounds of force to dislodge the test point from its solder pad. Recommended mounting pad dimensions are 0.0185″ x 0.135″.

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This item is RoHS compliant.

1,000 per reel

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