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Components Corp TP-104-01-03 Test Point Orange


Orange P.C. Mounted Test Point


TP-104-01-03 ORANGE

The new Components Corp TP-104-01-03 Orange Test Point offers a highly-efficient and economical loop configured test point design one step further, by adding a plastic standoff that boosts visibility and allows for easy polarization and identification. The TP-104 incorporates all of the design features of all Component’s test points – solid non-slip grip of test clips and probes, low profile, single hole wave-solderable mounting, and the elimination of skin punctures suffered by users of wrap posts as substitute test points.

The TP-104 is furnished in 30-position breakaway strips with 0.125″ centers that make storage, handling and even tandem installations a snap. Component’s special hand tool #1040 further enhances board mounting with test point separating, gripping and positioning functions accomplished in one easy motion. Standard TP-104 colors are red and black, with special colors available on order.

The TP-104 can be ordered pre-cut to any number of positions up to 30. Individual and tandem units hold securely when inserted in .062″ diameter holes for soldering operation. The rectangular passage in the TP-104’s molded standoff maintains wire form alignment, important in tandem installations.



Contact Material: .015″ x .030″ Phosphor Bronze #510 Alloy
Finish: .0001 Matte Tin over .00005 Nickel
Collar: 15% Glass Filled Polyester


Mounting Holes: .063″ diameter hole
Maximum Current: 2.0 amperes

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Color: Orange

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