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Optical Voice Link Electronic Kit 80-415


Great teaching aid or science fair project


Optical Voice Link Electronic Kit 80-415

This kit is an excellent introduction to the mysteries and science of fiber optics.

Experience and knowledge will be gained during assembly while working with the electronic microphone, analog fiber optic, transmitter, receiver, and the fiber optic interface.

This kit allows you to hear your own voice after it has been converted into light and then coupled into and and out of the optical fiber.

No prior fiber optics experience is needed to build this kit and bring it to working operational level.

The optical voice link electronic kit 80-415 is ideal for a science fair project.

After completion, it can be used to demonstrate the unique characteristics of fiber optics or in several practical commercial and industrial applications.

An excellent 30 page detailed instruction booklet which is your guide to understand the theory of fiber optic communication and assembly is included.

Kit includes over 9 feet of fiber optic cable.

Board sizes are approx. 1″ x 4″ inches, transmitter and receiver.

Two 9 volt batteries are required.

This kit requires soldering and assembly.

Kit contains over 25 components, two screened PC boards, speaker, and schematic.

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