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HardKoat Gloss Spray 04170


Gloss spray for paper or cardboard


HARDKOAT for Paper or Cardboard

Clear sprays protect dry transfers on absorbent surfaces such as paper. Abrasion resistance is superior to DATALOAT, but resistance to weatthering and UV is not good.

One coat over paper will completely protect a dry transfer from scuffing and abrasion. Matte coats give a pleasing frosted effect. Heavy multiple spray coats may have a perceptible yellowish tint, so use DATAKOAT where an absolutely water-clear coat is essential. HARDKOAT films dry tack-free within a few minutes, but requires several days to fully harden.

When coating a large area, the gloss spray can produce a pleasing, somewhat shiny appearance. If using on local area, the Matte finish tends to be less visible.

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HARDKOAT Gloss Spray (12 oz.)

Order No. 04170