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Datak Data Koat 04176


Professional look to your PC boards.


Datak Data Koat 04176

DATAKOAT for Hard Surfaces

Protects dry transfers with a tough, clear, weaterproof shield.

Water clear and will not yellow with age.

RESISTANCE: Unaffected by methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, hexane, naptha and mineral spirits.

Unaffected by most lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids.

But soluble in; Freon, methylene chloride, butanol, higher alcohols, acetone, ketones, toluene, xylene, and glycol ethers.

Supplied in a brush-on package for local application to dry transfers.

The dried brush-on leaves a shiny coating.

DATA Koat brush-on liquid w/thinner (1 oz)

This item is no longer available.

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