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Datak Stereo Pre-Amplifier Kit 80-104


Handy stereo preamp kit


Datak Stereo Pre-Amplifier Kit 80-104

This preamp can be used to boast the speaker sound output from tape heads, microphones, phono cartridges, etc. for input to an audio amplifier.

Amplify any tiny audio signal about fifty times and deliver them to a power amplifier cleanly and non-distorted.

An AGC (automatic gain control) eliminates pops or distortion.

This amplifier achieves stereo sound by use of transistors which boosts the audio signals.

The amps circuit is separated into two channels, left and right.

This kit requires a 12V dc power supply at about 100mA peak.

This circuit includes instructions and information regarding component marking codes.

Board size is about 2″ x 3″ inches. This kit requires soldering and assembly.

Kit contains over 30 components, screened PC board, and schematic.

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