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Datak 1 Watt Amplifier Kit 80-870


Stereo amp with excellent fidelity


Datak 1 Watt Amplifier Kit 80-870

This 1 watt Stereo Amplifier is designed with portability in mind and for battery applications.

Perfect for cassette players, radios, walk mans, or other small devices.

Circuit offers a full watt from each channel and excellent fidelity.

This circuit is built around the Samsung KA2209 8 pin IC.

It has a wide operating voltage of 1.8V to 9V so it is suitable for battery operation.

It can be connected to either a stereo or bridge pattern.

The stereo connection is used in this kit, feed the output from a pre amplifier into this kit.

Two 8 ohm speakers and batteries are not included.

The circuit is powered with a six or nine volt battery using AA cells.

Instructions include a one page which offers power and watt description information.

Board size is a small 1-3/8″ by 2″inches.

Soldering and assembly is required with this kit.
Kit contains 13 components, screened PC board, and schematic.

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