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Components Corp TP-108-02-1-S Test Points 1,000pc Reels


Popular TP-108 series Now Available in Silver Plate. 1,000pc per tape and reel.


Components Corp TP-108-02-1-S Test Points 1,000pc Reels

Components Corporation announced its surface mounted TP-108 Series of printed circuit board Test Points are now available in silver-plate.

This replacement for other manufacturers test point products is offered with a .0001″ min. Silver over .00005″ Min. Copper plate. Formed using the company’s proprietary technology, the loop configuration of the TP-Series of PCB test points holds probes fast.

All of Components Corporation’s line of surface mount test points are field-proven, with applications ranging from consumer electronics to medical and aerospace technology. Manufactured to ensure the highest standards in performance, products may be specified for use in a wide range of mission-critical applications, all abiding by the current RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC as well as REACH Regulations EC1907/2006.

1,000 per reel

Availability: 2-3 days

Order No. TP-108-02-1-S


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