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SMD X-Mas Tree


6 LED SMD Tree


SMD X-Mas Tree


Miniature Xmas gadget

6 LEDs flash alternately

Tree can be operated pending (e.g. from the ceiling or Xmas tree) or can be worn as a badge (pin supplied)

Great attention grabber

Ideal introduction to SMD (Surface Mounted Device) technology

Some extra parts are supplied, in case some get lost or damaged


Power supply: 3V Li button cell (e.g. CR2025 or CR2032)

Power consumption: 5mA approx.

Dimensions: 1.75 x 1.6 x 0.3"

Helpful Hint: use tweezers, a soldering iron with a fine tip (25W max.) and thin 0.6mm solder

Assembly Manual

Availability: 4 days

Order No. MK142