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Silicon Heat Sink Compound 1 oz. NTE303A


Thermal Compound 1 oz. Tube


NTE 303A

Silicone Heat Sink Compound

Thermally conductive


NTE303A is a non-reactive, silicone, thermally conductive grease with a high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance with a soft, non-flowable consistency.
The product is formulated with specialty binding agents to achieve the lowest amount of bleed and evaporations.

It is designed for applications where a silicone thermal interface material is required and where the device may later need to be easily removed from the heat sink.

Good thermal performance
Low interface thermal resistance
Thin bond lines
Low bleed and evaporation
Reworkable/easy to remove
Easy to apply by dispensing or screen printing/stencil

Availability: 3-4 days.

1 oz. Tube.

Part No. NTE303A

Authorized NTE Distributor

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