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NTE Vernier Dial 503-0005


Vernier scale dial with satin chrome finish & white markings


 Vernier Scale Dial Satin Black Chrome Finish, White Markings

Dial – 7/8″ diameter, 1/4″ dia shaft


  • Vernier Scale
  • No. 2-56 Spline Socket Set Screw for Mounting
  • Brake Lever Knob
  • Open Window Display

Readout and Operation:
Unit shall register a total count of 15 turns. The number in the window (0 thru 14) indicates completed number of turns of the drive sleeve. Graduated circular dial indicates the percent of a partial turn of the drive sleeve.
Minor Scale Division: 1/50 turn
Indication: 0 to 14.99 turn
Brake Lever: 1st position (15 deg movement of brake lever) operates a high torque system for fine adjustment; 2nd position (15 deg additional movement of brake lever) actuates brake.
Accuracy: Backlash shall be zero between graduated dial and drive sleeve.
Rotation: The indication shall increase with clockwise and decrease with a counterclockwise rotation.
Transfer Point: The number in the center of the window shall change as graduated dial rotates between 94 and 0.

Shaft Bore:
Runout: 0.004 in/in (Note 1)
Mounting: Install mounting bracket (included) between panel and panel nut. Multidial shall mount directly to shaft with No. 2-56 spline socket set screw, located adjacent to No. 50 on graduated dial (hex key included).

Note 1. Dial to be free running and without binds when axis of drive sleeve is perpendicular to mounting surface within the specified dimension.

Equivalent to Spectrol 16-1-21

Data Sheet

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Order No. 503-0005

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