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Fuse Kit Automotive Assorted


Contains automotive assorted ATC/ATM equivalent


Fuse Kits

74-AutoKit – Automotive Fuse Kit

Each kit contains 5 each of selected Fuse types and Accessories
One piece frame is lightweight and virtually unbreakable
Seperate compartments for each Fuse/Accessory
RoHS Compliant

Automotive Fuse Kit
(Contains 5 of each)

5A ATC Equivalent, 10A ATC Equivalent, 15A ATC Equivalent, 20A ATC Equivalent
25A ATC Equivalent, 30A ATC Equivalent, 5A ATM Equivalent, 10A ATM Equivalent
15A ATM Equivalent, 20A ATM Equivalent, 25A ATM Equivalent, 30A ATM Equivalent

Availability: 2-3 days

Part No. 74-AUTOKIT