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Fuse Kit 6 x 30mm Assorted Glass 3AG


Contains assorted slow blow, fast acting, fuse holders & fuse clips


Fuse Kits

74-3AGKit – 3AG Equivalent, 6 x 30mm Glass Fuse Kit

Each kit contains 5 each of selected Fuse types and Accessories
One piece frame is lightweight and virtually unbreakable
Seperate compartments for each Fuse/Accessory
RoHS Compliant

6 x 30mm Glass Fuse Kit
(Contains 5 of each)

500mA Slow Blow, 1A Slow Blow, 1.5A Slow Blow, 2A Slow Blow, 2.5A Slow Blow
3A Slow Blow, 4A Slow Blow, 5A Slow Blow, 10A Slow Blow, 15A Slow Blow
250mA Fast Acting, 1A Fast Acting, 1.5A Fast Acting, 2A Fast Acting, 3A Fast Acting
4A Fast Acting, 5A Fast Acting, 6A Fast Acting, 7A Fast Acting, 8A Fast Acting
10A Fast Acting, 74-FH6 Fuse Holder, 74-FC6 Fuse Clip,

Availability: 2-3 days

Part No. 74-3AGKIT