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Foot Operated SPST Toggle Switch 30-17092


SPST toggle foot pedal.


Foot operated switches may be used for starting and stopping light-weight motors, keying paging systems or intercoms and transceivers, useful just about anywhere that a person hands are occupied. Also for applications in music.

These two switches are fundamentally the same, but one is push-on, push=off. The other is momentary and the switch will be closed only as long as the user keeps the switch pressed down with his foot.

Both units are supplied with a ten foot, two conductor wire terminated in a standard 1/4" phone plug. Color black, momentary unit has red foot pad on top.

Electrical Rating:
5 Amps @125 VAC, 3 Amps @250 VAC
Initial contact resistance: less than 50 milliohms
Insulation Resistance: >100 Megohms @500 Volts.
Type: SPST
Action: Toggle On Off

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Order No. 30-17092