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Elenco K-38 Capacitor Substitution Kit


Contains 24 different value capacitors from 100pF to .1uF.


Elenco Electronics Capacitor Substitution Box.

This capacitor substitution box is a very useful kit when assembled.

Kit contains the following values: 100pF, 150pF, 220pF, 330pF, 470pF, 560pF, 680pF, 820pF, 1000pF, 1500pF, 2200pF, 3300pF, .0047uF, .0056uF, .0082uF, .01uF, .015uF, .022uF, .033uF, .047uF, .056uF, .068uF, .1uF.

This kit is built into an attractive case.

Very handy for the work bench.

Includes two leads with alligator clips for easy hookup.

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