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Economy Jet Air Cleaner RX1152-10


Jet Air Economy Duster 10 oz. Aerosol.


Economy Jet Air Cleaner


Removes lint and dust
Containts HFC-134A
CFC and HCFC free
Non-ozone depleting
Safe on plastic
VOC exempt


For Industrial and General Use

PC boards
Disks, tapes, film
Office mahines
Micro-miniature assemblies
Magnetic tape heads
Servo mechanisms

RX1152 is a general purpose, high pressure, compressed gas which removes
dust, lint, oxide particles and other dry contaminants from hard-to-reach places.
Completely dry, inert, nonflammable and nonabrasive.

Availability: 2-3 days.

10 oz. Aerosol

Part No. RX1152-10