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Basic Electronic Experiments with Computer Interface PK101


Transforms any standard breadboard into an electronics learning center!


Basic Electronic Experiments Model PK-101 With Computer Interface.

Transforms any standard breadboard into an electronic learning center!
Preform 50 Experiments!

Build an Electronic Keyboard, Electronic Kazoo, Battery Tester, Finger Touch Lamp, Burglar and Water Alarms, a Siren, a Magnetic Bridge, and a whole lot more! No soldering or tolls required, all parts included.

In this booklet you will learn:

The basic principles of electronics.

How to build circuits using a breadboard.
How all of the electronic components work and how to read their value.How to read schematics.
How to design and trouble shoot basic electronic circuits.
How to change the performance of electronic circuits by changing component values within the circuit.

The CI-22 is a set of five bonus circuits with special software that allows you to "see" the electrcal signals in the circuits, just like electronic engineers do using oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.

This product contains:
A. Interface cable,
B. The CI-22 CD which contains:
1. Winscope program (application and help file)
2. CI22.pdf (your manual with new circuits)
3. Adobe Acrobat installer (Adobe Acrobat is used to view CI22.pdf, install now if necessary.

Requirements for your computer:
1.  Windows 95 or later.
2.  A working microphone input port.

Includes a 71 page instruction booklet.
Requires a breadboard and a 9V battery or power supply not included.

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