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Antistatic Circuit Refrigerant RX100-10


Circuit Refrigerant 10 oz. Aerosol


Antistatic Circuit Refrigerant RX100-10


For fast tracking of thermal intermittents
Protector for static sensitive devices
CFC and HCFC free


For Industrial and General Use

Hot-cold intermittent testing of electronic components
Rapid detection of defective parts
Locating hairline cracks in PCBs
Protecting parts during soldering
Cold testing of prototype circuits
Minimal static voltage generation
Freezes small areas to -62 deg F (-52 deg C)
Cools molds quickly; rapid removal of adhesives

RX100 is an inert, high-purity freezing agent which cools instantly, with very little spray.

It protects static sensitive devices from potential damage caused by electrostatic charges.

Safe to use on most rubber; polymers, and metals.
It vaporizes completely, is nonflammable, nonconductive and does not leave a residual film.


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10 oz. Aerosol.

Part No. RX100-10


Authorized NTE Distributor

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