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2 Position Dip Switch 30-1002


Dip 2 position.


2 Position PCB DIP Switch.


Contact Rating: 50V DC 100mA@ Steady Situation
24V DC 25mA@ Make or Break
Initial Contact Resistance: 100mA, 30 Meg ohm @ initial
100mA, 100 Meg ohm after life test
Insulation Resistance: 500V DC 100 Meg ohm (Min.)
between adjacent terminals
Dielectric Strength: 500V AC for 1 minute
between adjacent terminals
Operation Life: 5,000 make-break cycles each circuit
@ test speed of 72 cycles/min.
Operation Force: 500g Max.
Shock: Withstand of 20g 11ms sawtooth
waveform w/no contact opening
> 10 ms (microseconds)
Vibration: No mechanical damage or intermittent
change of setting during or after test
Case & Cover Material: UL 94V-O Polybutylene Telephtalate
Top Seal Material: Polyester Film
Potting Material: Epoxy
Contact Material: Nickel, Phosphor Bronze w/Gold Plate
Terminal Material: Nickel, Phosphor Bronze w/Gold Plate
Terminal Type: Solder

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