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25 Watt Ergonomic Corded Soldering Iron


New ECG 25W Soldering Iron


25 Watt Ergonomic Corded Soldering Iron

Bent curved shaped handle designed for comfort, our J-015E and J-025E make soldering easier by reducing tension on the users hands and wrist.

Less stress soldering makes for a excellent soldering connection.

25 Watts


  • Common bent handle for comfortable grip
  • Pre-tinned iron clad tip for extended life
  • Safety stand included
  • C UL US listed

Heats up to 365 degrees F (185 degrees C) in 50 seconds.

Temperature of soldering iron:

25 watts develops 9322 degrees (500 degrees C) maximum tip temperature.


  • General soldering jobs
  • Circuit board connections
  • Electronic circuit repairs
  • Wire harness repairs
  • Crafts & hobbies
  • Electronic kits & maker projects

Availability: 2-3 days

Order No. J-025E



Authorized NTE Distributor

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