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100 Watt Power Inverter


100 Watt Peak Power Inverter


100 Watt Power Inverter

Provides house current power in your automobile or camper.
A POWER INVERTER can provide 115-117 VAC power while on the road, camping or anywhere else that you have access to an automobile battery. The inverter will convert the 12-14 volt battery power, electronically, to 115-117 VAC house current. Philmore inverters produce a modified sine wave, which is close to a duplication of actual house power from your electric company. Inverters are available in various sizes. The smallest inverter in this series is plenty big enough to operate the “wall wart” power supply to keep your notebook, cell phone chargers, etc. up to a full charge and the inverter can run for a long time without depleting a good battery (your engine will recharge the battery when you drive). Other small equipment, such as radios and black & white TV’s, may be used (check the wattage rating of your equipment to be sure).
How to choose an inverter. Pick the inverter model that is rated at least 30% higher than the appliance that you intend to operate. The
inverters are rated by their absolute “peak” output and the continuous operating voltage is about 25% less (details below). Motors, such as in drills, grinders, etc. will require about twice the power as they are inductive loads and draw huge power at start up. Philmore inverters do produce a modified sine wave so they should work with most frequency-sensitive appliances and motors.

For use powering a small light, B&W TV, radio or the power supply (“wall wart”) for your laptop and
cell phone to keep their batteries topped off. The unit has one AC socket; connects to your car battery
simply by plugging into the automobile’s cigarette lighter or accessory power socket.

Continuous power rating (4 hours): 80 watts

Peak (5 min.) power: 100 watts

Surge maximum: 150 watts

Availability: 5 days

Part No. MWDAP100