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Remote Control By Telephone Kit K6501


Cool Telephone Project Kit


Remote Control By Telephone Kit K6501

This useful kit makes it possible to turn up to three devices on or off over the telephone.

It is also possible to check the condition of a switch (open or closed).

For instanced, when your away for the weekend, you may switch the lights on and off from time to time, check the alarm or turn on the heating before returning home.

A major advantage of the circuit lies in the fact that audio signals are used to tell whether a specific output has been turned on or off.

Operation is protected by a user defined code, which is simply keyed in from the telephone keypad.


  • A relay is included for one output: 10A/250V AC
  • Automatic pick-up can be selected for +/- 8 or +/- 3 rings
  • Automatic hang-up if no code is entered within 20 seconds
  • Supply voltage: 12V AC/300mA
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 5.1″


Rated as a Level 3 build, prior kit building experience is recommended.

Availability: 3 days

Order No. K6501


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