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Ramsey 20 Meter QRP Amplifier Kit QAMP20


Amplifier kit for 20 meter QRP rig.


Ramsey 20 Meter QRP Amplifier Kit QAMP20

Need a little boost for your QRP rig?

Works great with Ramsey QRP rigs or any other 1-2 watt transmitter

Built-in T/R relay automatically switches between receive and transmit
Run on 12 volts DC at 2 to 4 amps current, ideal for field operation
Operates all modes; CW, SSB or AM
This nifty little amplifier may be all you need. Believe it or not 20 watts is only 7 db (about one S unit!) less power than a full size commercial transceiver.

These compact amplifiers are easily driven by any of our QRP transmitters or any unit in the 1/2-2 watt range.

Advanced power MOSFETs are used for the utmost in efficiency and purity, while a multistage low pass filter is used to assure a clean signal output.

Power required is only 12 VDC at 2 to 4 amps, depending upon power output.

Complete step-by-step instructions are provided which makes building the kit a breeze.

The amplifier works well for all modes: CW, SSB and AM. Includes matching case and knobs for a complete station look.

This kit requires assembly.

Ramsey has discontinued this kit.


Order No. QAMP20C