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Electronic Kits

Large selection of DIY kits for students & hobbyists.

LED Diodes

Popular super bright LED's in 1.8mm, 3mm, 5mm. 8mm, 10mm.

Electronic Circuit Design

Assorted prototype, perforated & breadboards.


Wide variety of carbon & metal film, precision & carbon composition resistors.

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Components Corp test point TP-101-10-T

This low cost PC mounted test point jumper provides a reliable and econmical solution for board level trouble shooting applications.

Price Varies

3D virtual Reality Glasses

SmartPhone 3D Glasses Kit

philmore 44-1202

High Intensity Blue w/ 8 LEDs

Velleman K2644 diy hobby kit

Never Let Frost Surprise You Again!

Velleman K/trans1

This transistor kit has a total of 100 assorted pieces.

Components Corp TP-108-02-1-T

Surface mount test point, 1000pc tape and reel.



Price Varies

Philmore Manufacturing vernier dial S36

Diameter 1 1/2" calibration 0 to 10

Price Varies

Components Corp. TP-107-02-1-T

Surface mount test point. 1,000pc per tape and reel.

Price Varies

Components Corp. TP-108-02-1-T

Surface mount test points 100pc per cut tape.

Price Varies

3D printer pen velleman 3dpenu

NEW 3D Printing Pen

Velleman VTTEST2N digital voltage tester

Handy Pocket Size LCD Digital Voltage Tester

Velleman EDU06

Excellent Learning Tool For Oscilloscopes

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