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Electronic Kits

Large selection of DIY kits for students & hobbyists.

LED Diodes

Popular super bright LED's in 1.8mm, 3mm, 5mm. 8mm, 10mm.

Electronic Circuit Design

Assorted prototype, perforated & breadboards.


Wide variety of carbon & metal film, precision & carbon composition resistors.

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Components Corp test point TP-101-10-T

This low cost PC mounted test point jumper provides a reliable and econmical solution for board level trouble shooting applications.

Price Varies

3D virtual Reality Glasses

SmartPhone 3D Glasses Kit

philmore 44-1202

High Intensity Blue w/ 8 LEDs

Velleman K2644 diy hobby kit

Never Let Frost Surprise You Again!

Velleman K/trans1

This transistor kit has a total of 100 assorted pieces.

Components Corp TP-108-02-1-T

Surface mount test point, 1000pc tape and reel.



Price Varies

Philmore Manufacturing vernier dial S36

Diameter 1 1/2" calibration 0 to 10

Price Varies

Components Corp. TP-107-02-1-T

Surface mount test point. 1,000pc per tape and reel.

Price Varies

Components Corp. TP-108-02-1-T

Surface mount test points 100pc per cut tape.

Price Varies

Velleman VTTEST2N digital voltage tester

Handy Pocket Size LCD Digital Voltage Tester

Velleman EDU06

Excellent Learning Tool For Oscilloscopes

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